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DeSantis' Churchill Act: A Comedic Misstep

Updated: Jul 3

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By Michael MH | | June 28, 2023

Florida's Governor, Ron DeSantis, who is currently running for president in 2024, recently tried to mimic the legendary Winston Churchill in a speech at a Philadelphia summit for Moms for Liberty. But instead of applause, DeSantis received laughter and criticism, over the Churchill Comedic Misstep.

DeSantis Churchill Comedic Misstep

DeSantis, in a move that can only be called a massive fumble then a rally cry, attempted to use Churchill's famous words from his 1940 speech to fight against what he calls "woke" culture in education and corporations. But his effort to draw a parallel between Churchill's fight against Nazism and his own battle against progressive values, would be like comparing Night and Day, right and wrong, etc...[1]

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A Pattern of Missteps

This isn't the first time DeSantis has tried to copy Churchill and ended up facing backlash. In June, he made a speech in Iowa that was also a butchery of one of Churchill's. This happened just days after Donald Trump called him out for copying his campaign slogan "Great American Comeback." Critics pointed out that while Churchill was battling the terror of Nazism, DeSantis seems to be fighting against empathy and compassion [2].

The Raw Story

In the most recent incident, covered by Raw Story, DeSantis was roundly mocked for his Churchill act. The article pointed out that DeSantis's speech was not just historically off-key but also lacked the seriousness and sincerity that Churchill brought to his speeches. Critics contend that DeSantis's endeavors to liken himself to Churchill are not merely humorous but also dishonor the heritage of one of history's most eminent leaders [3].

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The Closing Take

DeSantis may have believed that emulating Churchill would portray him as a formidable leader, but it has backfired.

His continual efforts have been greeted with mockery and have underscored his deficiency in novelty and comprehension of historical nuances. By trying to wear a hat that's clearly too big for him, DeSantis has only succeeded in showing the huge gap between him and the statesmanship of Winston Churchill. Copying the words of great leaders without understanding their context or living their values is a surefire way to fail, as Ron DeSantis has found out the hard way.

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