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"UPDATED" Councilman Brown of Linden NJ, Caught in alleged tampering in his Corruption Case

Updated: Oct 13, 2022


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It has come to our attention that Mr. Brown has made statements that the investigation referred to in this article is false and non-existent. Below is a partial release of an audio recording between two employees of a Linden-based corporation that contracted a company named “Cleaning Dolls”, operated by Ms. Alena Estova, longtime friend & ex-girlfriend of Councilman Brown. Cleaning Dolls used undocumented workers to provide cleaning services, allegedly as a favor and at the request of Councilman Peter Brown. Allegedly, Cleaning Dolls was overpaid for their services and furthermore consistently did not pay or underpaid their undocumented employees. The employee who advocated to stop this abuse was terminated a few days after his objection to this practice.


Also, in regards to Anthony Kent. I will provide you below with a handwritten OPRA request from “Anthony Kent” as well as a document that was handwritten by Peter Brown. We will let you, the reader decide whether or not they are the same person.

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Linden Councilman/Dover Township Tax Assessor Trainee Peter Brown has been tied to harassing and intimidating witnesses & principal complainants in his state corruption investigation. Mr. Brown has sent numerous threatening emails on the Linden City E-Mail server, but what is more disturbing is that it appears Mr. Brown created an alias "Anthony Kent" in which he posted numerous false and misleading allegations about fellow Councilman John Francis Roman, the principal complainant in his corruption investigation. Under his alias, Mr. Brown sent a completely false letter to Union County Freeholders for the sole purpose to cause the firing of Mr. Roman. The letter is so inflammatory that Union County opened an investigation into the sender. A break occurred last week when "Anthony Kent" submitted a written OPRA request to the city of Linden, for information on John Francis Roman and Councilwoman Gretchen Hickey.

The lucky break came when a comparison of the handwriting of "Anthony Kent" was a 98% match to Mr. Browns’. Also, most odd was that no employee in Linden could determine how it got there. The Anthony Kent OPRA request does bear the official received stamp of the City. Comparison of dates and times of various social media post and email's submissions all seem to generally have occurred during the work hours where Mr. Brown is employed at Dover Township as Tax Assessor Trainee.

He may have done these illegal attacks & intimidation tactics on the Whistle blower John Francis Roman or other principle witnesses during his lunch hour. But even if this were the case, would it not be a violation for a town employee to commit a crime from inside of the Dover Town Hall Building while possibly using city equipment or even the use of a city government office to commit witness tampering?

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