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Christian Radical Kirk Shifts Blame, on Pelosi attack

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Charlie Kirk, founding father of Turning Point USA and all around radicalized young conservative leader, had some pretty strong words for liberal news outlets this week, after they blamed right-wing rhetoric for an attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband last weekend.

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Why are we to blame for that exactly," Kirk said. "And why is he still in jail? Why has he not been bailed out? And by the way, if some amazing patriot out there in San Francisco or the Bay Area wants to really be a midterm hero, someone should go and bail this guy out ... bail him out, and then go ask him some questions."

Kirk continues to claim that he believes that Paul Pelosi's attacker, Dave DePape is gay. This false statement likely came from an article posted by Elon Musk on his website, which has since been deleted. Which claimed without evidence he had attended a LGBTQ nightclub before the attack took place.

However, this also has been proven false, in recent years Dave DePape’s conspiracy theories started reflecting themes found among right-wing conspiracy theorists. Whose communities openly attack the LGBTQ community and have called for violence targeting LGBTQ people.

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It is unfortunate that Charlie Kirk's idea of free speech includes spreading, whatever falsehoods to shift blame, from the radical actions committed in his community. Recently, individuals from Turning Point USA have admitted to bringing inappropriate books into libraries and pretending they "found" them. For the sole purpose to undermine the trust in the local library system, to protect children from objects or books “too mature” for them.

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