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Biden crime family: Story Falls Short Again

By Gotcha Media | | August, 05 2023

In the ever-evolving political landscape, Republicans are relentlessly crafting a narrative centered on the "Biden crime family." Their strategy is largely dependent on the statements of Devin Archer, a former associate of Hunter Biden, who was convicted on fraud charges unrelated to Hunter during the Trump administration.

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Contrary to Republican claims that Joe Biden was deeply embroiled in his son's business endeavors, Archer's testimony tells a different tale. Behind closed doors, Archer asserted that Joe Biden Sr. had no hand in his son's business dealings. Instead, Hunter Biden was merely capitalizing on the perceived access to his influential father, a tactic not uncommon in the political sphere.

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These things happened while Joe Biden was Vice President. It was a hard time for him because his other son, Beau Biden, had just died of brain cancer. This confuses the story because Republicans don't seem to care about the human side of a father answering his son's calls when he's having a hard time.

Even though there isn't much proof to back up the corruption story, Republicans keep pushing it. Some even aspire to demonstrate that Joe Biden accepted bribes. However, their allegations seem to be rooted more in conjecture than in fact. The secretive nature of the supposed evidence further raises questions about the transparency of their intentions.

In conclusion, the "Biden family allegations" narrative appears more as a political ploy than a substantiated accusation. The Republicans' efforts to associate Joe Biden with his son's business dealings seem to be predicated more on the notion of corruption than on solid evidence.

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