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Linden NJ Airport Mismanaged & Neglected, Destination Of Colonia Plane Crash.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Doctor Michael Schloss, retired cardiologist and lifelong pilot, was killed when his twin-engine Cessna 414 plunged from the sky on final approach to linden Airport on Tuesday. The impact set off a fire that burned multiple houses in the quiet neighborhood in Colonia, NJ.

The NTSB says it may take days to figure out what happened in the air to cause the twin-engine plane to crash. Not mentioned in any other reporting is the destination airport located in Linden, NJ, has been subject to recent FAA review. The FAA recently issued a 13.1 outlining necessary repairs that needed to be done at the airport.

Corrective Action Report

According to airport insiders and pilots, the airports Light beacon (picture below) & the pilot activated runway lights have allegedly been malfunctioning lately. I am not a pilot or an NTSB investigator, so I cannot determine if these were a factor in the crash, but I can show the public what we found in the weeks before when we investigated the condition of the Linden Airport.

We have linked the interview we did with a friend of the deceased Tom Madden, the man who originally called attention to the conditions at the airport by filing multiple complaints with the FAA & the city of Linden over approximately 18 months.

What we found was profoundly disturbing. I'll let the video findings speak for itself. In our opinion, it is a result of negligence or complacency on behalf of the city of Linden in its oversight. & possibly Councilman Ralph Strano that allegedly received thousands in FREE HANGER SPACE for his plane, while serving as the chairman of the airport oversight committee.

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