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Trump issues vague threat to begin deporting 'millions' of undocumented immigrants next week

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump on Monday night issued a vague threat to deport "millions" of undocumented immigrants next week, though he did not provide details and administration officials did not respond to requests for clarification.

Trump said the agency will begin deporting undocumented immigrants "as fast as they come in," and called on congressional Democrats to address the "border crisis." It was not immediately clear what plan Trump was talking about and neither the White House nor Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to CNN's request for clarification on Monday.

The tweets came hours before the President is set to officially kick off his 2020 bid. He launched his 2016 campaign vowing to take a hard stance against illegal immigration by building a wall and ridding the country of undocumented immigrants, but deporting millions of people, as Trump suggested Monday, requires vast resources and ICE is already strained by migrants crossing the border illegally.

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