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Linden Councilman Peter Brown's Distressing Use of Perjury in Police Reporting

Updated: Oct 13, 2022


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As many of you are aware, I have been printing stories about the disturbing incidents Mr. Peter Brown has been involved with. I received several emails from Mr. Peter Brown from a new account, I had previously blocked his regular account because he sent email after email detailing the same subject. I encouraged him over and over again to have his attorney contact me if he wished to discuss legal matters.

Several days ago through from this new account, Mr. Brown infers and indicated if I would not take down the stories about him he would file charges against me for stalking. Lets be clear, I haven't been within 10 miles of Mr. Brown except when I had a very disturbing conversation with him at the SID's Office in Linden. The conversation was so distressing that I reached out to the Mayor of Linden to discuss what I had recorded. Even more strange, after letting the Mayor hear the evidence of this conversation, he responded to me that Peter must have been off his med's and that I should ignore what he said.

What he had said was that he had hired the police chief and and the chief answers to him. So I took the Mayor for his word, up until Mr. Brown sent me a text message stating that the Mayor had recorded the conversation and is keeping it as an official record and he would be pressing charges. Charges for what? A recording of statements made by him? I hope that the Mayor indeed kept it,as I'll be requesting a copy to compare his recording to mine. My contact inside the Linden Police Department let me know Mr. Brown has indeed held his word and filed a police report against me. As his attempt at blackmailing indicated he would, Mr. Brown has used and abused the legal reporting system in Linden, NJ as well as the court system of Union County NJ, for his petty vendettas and political attacks on his rivals. Below you will find some of these abuses. Mr. Brown and his Co-Conspirators have harassed and stalked witnesses or the principal filers of his Ethics Complaint, the following are some of those incidents. A) Mr. Brown created a fake email account (Anthony Kent) to send an utterly false letter to Mr. Roman's bosses at the county, stating things that only a very disturbed mind would create to harm another. The records request handwritten by Anthony Kent was matched with certainty to handwritten documents filled out by Mr. Peter Brown. A source in the county indicated to me that this incident has risen to the attention of the state and is being investigated thoroughly by officials. If it is found to be true there would be criminal charges filed. Moving on Peter Brown sent messages stating he had personal messages between Mr. Roman and women, and if he kept going he would release these to family and coworkers of Mr. Roman. I say good for John Roman that he did not cave in to blackmail. Mr. Roman told me in a comment that he believes these hold the same truth as the falsely composed letter from Anthony Kent (Peter Brown) that his town is more important to him than his ego.He went on to say some bruises are worth it for the people of Linden, who he calls his family. There is much more in the hands of the state, but it will be disclosed to the public when legally allowed. B) The former Regional Director of the before mentioned Multi-Unit Corporation, stated that he was receiving calls and messages from Mr. Peter Brown & Ms. Estova (of The Cleaning Dolls/ Xpert Cleaners) after they became aware of the corruption case investigation by the state. For the sake of his protection, I was asked not to disclose his last name. Chris did not pick up the calls, and just politely responded in general to text messages "how are things etc.".

But things turned darker when Ms. Estova started asking a question that Chris felt was hitting close to the investigation. He told her he was under strict orders from the state not to discuss this with anyone especially not the subjects of the investigation. She responded to him that there was no investigation, she had police connections checking and there were no subpoenas. It's all bullshit. He then responded that it was correct and that he still couldn't talk to her about anything regarding the former company he worked for, especially about her cleaning service. She then stated that her cop friends were running an off the books investigation into the reporter and others and that the reporter would soon be arrested, and if he didn't want to be arrested, he would forget about what happened and stay away too. Chris is so affected that he and his girlfriend are afraid to enter Linden or Dover on the outside chance that cops are colluding with Peter Brown and Ms. Estova. C) Premium Auto, This car dealer made a mistake and sold a car to Peter Brown's father, also named Peter Brown. The vehicle purchased by Peter Brown Sr was intended for Peter Brown Jr. although strangely it was insisted that the car be placed in his father's name. It was later decided to use the name P Brown for the title to make it easier to transfer it in the future. Apparently, the vehicle broke down or was not as mechanically sound as Peter Brown Jr felt it should be. He then started the threats according to the car dealer.

First Peter Brown Jr reported he would go to the governor if they wouldn't refund his father's money. I was able to verify through a source that indeed Mr. Brown did try to get the Governor's Office to interfere which was unsuccessful. The father (the actual purchaser of the car), spent an hour inspecting the vehicle according to the dealer and found nothing significantly wrong with the car. The following are the issues with the case Mr. Brown Jr filed. The first false or misleading claim is Peter Brown Jr was not the purchaser of the vehicle according to the car dealer.

Secondly, the lawsuit was brought in the wrong county (Union) I'm not sure if this was a mistake or he felt he could get some political favor being a councilman in Linden NJ. The car dealership was located in Camden County. Peter Brown presented to the court that he had searched for the title, and claimed the state had not issued it. I wonder if he searched under the name P Brown as he had instructed the dealer to use for the title. D) The Freeholder of Union County, back during the election last year, Mr. Brown filed a police report stating that a Freeholder made racial slurs to him. Well, as you can probably guess, no one else heard these alleged words but Peter Brown Jr. It must be observed that Peter is aligned with Derek Armstead, Mayor of Linden. They are currently attempting to unseat a Freeholder in this coming election, and I wonder if Peter heard it or if as the mayor stated in the past, and that is when Peter is off his meds, he says crazy things. Or is this just an everyday old-fashioned political hit job? E) Derek Armstead, Peter Brown Jr targeted Mr. Armstead with multiple illegal dumping police reports. And none ever resulted in charges against the Armstead. I requested comment on whether they were false or covered up, but no reply was offered. I'm betting in my opinion that they were false and made long before the Mayor helped Peter Brown Jr out of some legal trouble he was in at the time. F) Finally myself, Mr. Brown Jr tried to blackmail me into removing my articles. But it won't work, I do not respond to threats. I do however offer the following statement: Mr. Brown Jr admitted he got my former landlord to give him the building surveillance so he could see everyone I interviewed in his corruption investigation. Now that's a Stalker, in my opinion, I myself have just filed a ethics complaint against Mr. Brown Jr earlier this week.

Getting my former landlord to give him the surveillance of my apartment so he can see who I interviewed is a severe break in ethics. If you would consider his past arrests for Domestic Violence and the recent Suicide Declaration that he made to the state police, these disturbing facts have me very concerned about my families safety.

If that isn't enough for me to worry about a source told me allegedly his stepdaughter was removed from his household for her safety and placed with a relative. I completely understand why the witnesses are afraid, if his family is not safe around him what does it say for the safety of the rest of us. Who knows how much influence Mr. Brown Jr has with the courts or law enforcement that should be charged with keeping all of us safe.

Supporting Evidence

Mr. Brown admits to conducting Surveillance of my apartment through footage given by his co-defendants to find witness I interviewed interview, then he appears to threaten Mr. Roman to end the Investigation or else.

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The very long list of False or Misleading Police Reports

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