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Trump Jr.: You would be shot in 'two seconds' for wearing Trump hat in Chicago

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that he is being censored by Instagram and Twitter by because he "had the gall to question what seemed like a crazy story." | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. claimed Monday that anyone wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat in Chicago would be shot in "two seconds," as he continued to bash "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging an attack by Trump supporters.

During an interview on "Fox and Friends," Trump's eldest son claimed that he had been censored on social media after he "sarcastically" tweeted about Smollett's assault, which was later alleged to have been orchestrated by the actor.

"Man, I'm really shocked that people in downtown Chicago, in the coldest night of the year, weren't actually there wearing MAGA hats," Trump Jr. said of the Smollett case, hinting that he didn't see why anyone would do that.

"You know, if you wear a MAGA hat in downtown Chicago, you probably wouldn’t last too long, OK, about two seconds before you get shot,” Trump Jr. continued.

Chicago's struggles with gun violence, especially on its south and west sides, have made the city a regular talking point for the president, who has pledged to take steps to help the city address violence there but has done little in terms of concrete steps. Despite Trump Jr.s' claim that a Trump hat-wearing individual would be shot in downtown Chicago, the city's center is considered relatively safe.

Smollett, who is openly gay, claimed to have received a homophobic and racist letter late last month. He then reported that he was attacked by two masked men who poured bleach on him, put a noose around his neck and yelled homophobic and racist epithets at him, including saying he was in "MAGA country."


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