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Denim The Movie

This Film will follow the fictional character Micayla (Jazz Jennings) who becomes the victim of a government regulation while trying to navigate high school, which normally is an emotionally trying time for any teenager. But add being the target of government-sponsored discrimination. She's going to need all the help from Friends & Family she can get. Like the film, the crew behind it (Daryen Ru- writer/director Kofi Carson- co-producer/cinematographer Naomi Pandolfi- co-producer) need all the help they can get to make the film a reality. Donating to their Go Fund Me Page. Will help highlight the true, but unfortunate reality of today’s struggles of transgender youth just to fit in at school.

Micayla’s education is disrupted when new government regulations expose her past to her classmates. With the help of her parents, Micayla struggles to gain her footing as she is forced to use the restroom of the gender identified on her birth certificate. This attracts the attention of her naive peers, who become aggressive, making it hard for Micayla to live as her authentic self.

The bathroom bill is just one example of discrimination non-cis individuals face in everyday life. At school, 82% of transgender youth have reported feeling unsafe, while 44% have been abused physically and 68% are bullied online. As many as 64% have had their property stolen or destroyed. It’s time to speak up and spread the word.

Every contribution, big or small, helps make this project possible. The idea of you contributing hard-earned money to help us propel this cause forward is incredibly touching. It's amazing that we can all come together from all walks of life and as one create something powerful that will bring awareness and hope to those around us.

We are proud to announce that TLC star Jazz Jennings (I Am Jazz) has joined our cast. We are putting together an inclusive and diverse cast and crew to tackle this important project. Any support you can offer would make a difference. We hope that making this film will help spread the word.

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