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About Us

Political Weasels is an independent political news source dedicated to exposing corruption, dishonesty & cronyism, and any other type of ulterior motive in our government, both local, federal & corporate interest. We are all about exposing deep state corruption.

Corruption that makes the world’s most notorious criminals look like boy scouts. These are the people that need to be exposed. They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, for a Political Weasel...

Our blog highlights the hypocrisy and corruption of many high-level officials. If you see any untruths or omission, please send us an email at 

We love corrections from awed readers because awed readers make us publish more often which means we can keep our jobs as political journalists! 
West Coast Writer, Investigator


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Thomas N

West Coast Writer, Investigator


Production Specialist

Jessica M

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Writer, Copy Production

Alexandra P

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